Where do you get your inspiration?

“I don’t know. For the most part when I’m in the zone, it just comes to me.”


“Sometimes I see things or like I hear voices, ‘Paint purple here. Draw a red dot there.'”

Dang.  You sure you don’t have schizophrenia, bruh?



I’ve always had conversations with myself as far back as I can’t remember. Some are lengthy, some are short, some make me laugh, some make me cry, some make me feel things I didn’t realize I was even capable of experiencing.
Sometimes the conversations are with versions of myself, sometimes it’s with real-life people that I see in the streets and/or imaginary acquaintances, sometimes it’s with people close to me… I can’t tell if they’re fact or fiction, at times.
They’re all muddled up in there.

Schitz (portmanteau of “schizophrenia” and “skit”) is my attempt at free story-telling.

I will give it my best shot with content, structure, and pro0Freaderering.
If you think I fail at any point somewhere, feel free to call me out.

Without further ado…
Welcome to the abridged versions of the voices inside my head.


*Made in part to help alleviate stigmas against mental illnesses.
**Did you know that homosexuality was considered a mental illness up until the 70’s?  Food for thought.

Disclaimer: All brands, commercial content, media etc are by no means endorsed with any official representations. If it’s there, it’s there because of the context of the situation and it wasn’t a factor I could omit without sacrificing the spirit of the story. Should you find that this is violating anything and/or if you have any qualms or anything at all, please contact me here.