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“A Trip Out to Sea” is an ad made by CLM BBDO (New York, NY, USA) for Guy Cotten (France)

Vid is pretty sick, but there’s an interactive experience here that’s even better.


Check out CLM BBDO’s site here
And Guy Cotten’s site here

And the interactive site again here (seriously, if you liked the video, you’ve gotta check this out)

What Straight White Guys Don’t Get About Diversity

…written by Gregg Ward (USA)

” In my work as a diversity consultant I often hear women and people of color quietly talking with each other about their white, male colleagues and bosses, saying “Most straight, white guys in the corporate world just don’t get it about diversity.” And although I’d like nothing better than to refute them, to defend my straight, white brethren, I’m afraid I have to agree: when it comes to diversity, we just don’t get it. So, at the risk of falling into the trap of generalizing about an amazingly large and diverse group of white guys, I have to ask: what is it about diversity that we don’t get and why don’t we get it?

The first thing we don’t get is that diversity is about lot more than just race and gender conflicts. We hear the word “diversity” and we automatically think racism, bigotry and discrimination against women and people of color. We don’t think about all the other issues underneath the diversity umbrella.

We do this because we white guys are a uniquely visual lot (no, I don’t have studies to support this, just 46 years of straight, white male experience). We focus on the surface diversity issues – race and gender – because they’re easy to see, not much time or thought required. We also do it because the media does it too; bombarding us 24/7 with stories about race and gender conflicts, with the word diversity in the headline. Stories about diversity conflicts drive ratings; you know, “if it bleeds, it leads.” And nothing bleeds like a black man being beaten by white cops, or women workers being the target of crude, sexual advances. So, like Homer Simpson, the quintessential straight, white guy, we take what we see at face value. We don’t have the time or inclination to look beneath the surface – doh!

And that’s the second thing we don’t get about diversity – how diverse it is. Take any group of 100 American employees working in any one of America’s major cities and you will find enormous diversity, not just of race and gender, but of national origin, religion, politics, disability, body type, veteran status, life experience, generation, talents, skills, and dreams. Yet, corporate leadership would have us think that we’re all employees first, marching to the same droning corporate drummer, and individuals second.

Understandably, their goal is to make the disparate divisions of any one company seem more united and thus more powerful and better able to compete. There’s nothing inherently wrong in this. But, by ignoring the enormous diversity that lies just beneath the surface, we are ignoring and failing to tap into the wealth of talent and experience that could help our businesses become even more competitive, even more innovative.

The third thing we don’t get about diversity is that American corporate culture is – at every level – the culture of the straight, white guy. From the railroad barons of the 19th century to the oil barons of the current one, the wealthiest, most powerful American corporations have always been dominated by straight, white males of western European origin. And our culture is one of fierce competitiveness, clubby, sports-centered machismo, and good-old-boy, golf course deal making. To claim otherwise would be laughable…”

Read the full article here


Check out straight white guy Gregg Ward’s site here


Real Stories from Toronto #4,685,999 – Chanting in Oshawa

“Yeah my family and I immigrated here when I was little. We moved to Oshawa.”

Eck. Sounds boring.

“We were the only black family in town.”

Ouchhh!!! Shiet… Uh, risking stupid question, but how was it?

“There was one time my brother and I were just kinda fucking around in the woods… Then he spotted some fucked up KKK chanting shit happening…”

In Oshawa?!?

“Yeah don’t kid yourself.”

Fuck, I thought Canada was safe…

“Uh yeah. Wake up.”

Shiet. Sucks.

The “Real Beauty” Parody


Brought to you by Above Average Productions (USA)

Read more about it here

PS. Don’t buy their products just because they market that they “care” about you.  If you’re going to buy it, buy it because it works well on you.
If you support Dove for what they claim to be “for,” you’re biting in to the same line of thinking that gave you body issues.

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Lakh Khushian

… sings a Shabad (hymn) from India

Śábda is the Sanskrit word for “speech sound”. In Sanskrit grammar, the term refers to an utterance in the sense of linguistic performance…

In classical Indian philosophy of language, the grammarian Katyayana stated that shabda (“speech”) is eternal (nitya), as is artha “meaning”, and that they share a mutual co-relation. According to Patanjali, the permanent aspect of shabda is sphoṭa (“meaning”), while dhvani (“sound, acoustics”) is ephemeral to shabda.

Om, or Aum, a sacred syllable of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism, is considered to be the first resonating vibrational sound within an individual being. It also denotes the non-dualistic universe as a whole. In Buddhism, Om corresponds to the crown chakra and white light.”
- Wikipedia


I was listening to an Indian radio station in the car and heard this.  Pretty awesome.

Didn’t find any material on the guy, but if you Google him you’ll find all sorts of cool stuff.

Read more about Shabads (Shabda) here

Life is a Battle

Be yourself. Stay true to your heart.
There’s no such thing as normal and change doesn’t happen when people don’t fight for what they believe in.
Staying true to your heart in itself could be the rebellion you seek.

And if you’re made to change who you should be and how you should act or how you are treated because of your gender, the color of your skin, your hair, how much money you have, the kind of job you have, your paper “credentials”, what you wear: leave. Or change the way you respond. The more you connect with it, the more power you’re giving it.
And if it’s something you can’t ignore… Well, it’s because it’s accepting a part of who you are that you’ve chosen to hide in fear.

Fight. Always fight.

Life is a battle. And the best battles to be won are the battles within oneself.
Don’t rape or murder though. That shit is